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The genetic slackness disease

So whats the deal with being lazy? is everyone in the world lazy? what is it like not to be lazy? … i’m in dialema at the moment. i go to bed really late cause i dont wanna sleep away the last couple of weeks of boarding with my friends and stuff… this makes me tired the next day… i dont sleep in the day because i feel as thought it’d be wasted cause i should be studying… so i dont sleep, nor do i study. Its all a vicious cycle! it leaves me to ask these questions.. are you a lazy person? why are people lazy? …can you explain any of these to me?

After reading recent forum activity i have become super concious of all spelling in everything… i am now a cynicle bastard when it comes to people’s spelling. Is this a disease? if so please say the cure is banana flavoured milkshake!! man that stuff is beyond awesome!

count the spelling and grammatical errors… go on, i dare you.


Posted by Matt @ 12:07 AM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

yes. then i grew up and started using my real name… (subtle hint)

Posted by Matt @ 06/06/2003 08:38 PM AST

…wasn’t Your Mamma Matt’s email address for a while?

Posted by Edo @ 06/06/2003 07:27 AM AST

15 errors. Your ‘I’s arent in capitals and you hardly start a sentance with a capital letter. Cunt rash.

Posted by Your mamma @ 06/06/2003 06:01 AM AST

Crystal TEH!

Posted by Edo @ 06/06/2003 04:27 AM AST

I’m bored and lazy. You’re lazy :p, more work = more procrastination = more laziness = wat I’m doing now.

Every1 is lazy lazy lazy. Human nature; we’re designed to waste time, I had to go to uni to figure that one out, sheesh.

Hell, I had no idea u guys were still doing these sites, I only found out cuz I was being lazy and procrastinating, trying to find inspiration for my silly french assignment. hmmm, never take french @ UWA, it’s worse than English literature.

Yay! I found one Brunei person I know on the internet 🙂 ….weird but kewl, (ahah hmmm spelling)… howz england matt? hmmm it seems there are ppl from ISB at uni in perth, gawd small world.

Posted by Chrystal @ 06/06/2003 03:49 AM AST

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