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Last Day

In about four hours or so my flight from Kelowna, BC leaves for Vancouver where i will be for three hours before flying out to London.

Definetly going to miss all my friends and family here, but at the same time i am really excited for this Europe adventure. I hope to watch a premier league match, attend Octoberfest in Munich and chill in Dutch cafes in Amsterdam in the next month. And oh yeah, go to school and stuff.

It weird seeing everyone knowing that you really dont know when your coming back and if you will ever see half your friends again as everyone is moving on and doing their own thing. Oh well, such as life i guess.

My mum is quite the basket case, she is cleaning the house all day and avoiding sitting down and thinking about me leaving. I love my mum, have to admit it.

Becca got high last night with her punctured lung, she said she was body stoned. That makes sense i guess when you have a hole in your lung.

Have no idea when i will be updating again, i will have to hope that the school has plenty of net access or theres a net cafe nearby my apartment or something.

Last day at work yesterday, the girls there bought me a cake and promised me a job whenever i came back as well as keeping me on as staff on the system so that i can avoid bank charges and all that. I love people at work too.

Being third on fantasy football sucks, i want to be first.

Better finish off packing now.

Angela see you soon, i’ll call you thursday or friday.

If anyone else is in the Western Europe area in the next little while, send me an email.


Posted by Pat @ 01:48 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

have a safe trip dude.

Posted by Edo @ 08/28/2003 08:31 AM AST

good luck pat, and have fun. watch out for fat black hookers in amsterdam.

Posted by mike @ 08/28/2003 06:00 AM AST

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