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Good Morning Brunei!

It hasnt been a particulary sparkling past couple of weeks for me, My girlfriend broke up with me for an abnormally shit reason, and then i did the sweetest gesture to try win her back, only for it to have little to no effect… coldheartednessness, but at least i have the comfort of home to reside in.

But on to the brighter news of this week. I have finnally got to see my brother, edo and dan after 12 months… bout bloody time! Went to the border yesterday with these fine gentlemen, and got far too drunk on a embarisingly small number of beers (about 4). i’ll blame it all on the hot weather.

Within the next couple of weeks many many people are returning to brueni for the holiday and therefore this section of the site will be a piece of repetitive poo, due to everyone updating about the same things… just a pre-warning.

I got my first University offer last week… sexual!


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