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Jaegermeister and Cap’n Crunch, Nicotine and the Brady Bunch


Nerd Punk is great.

I had my journalism class this morning, and ended up talking to Self-Obsessed Laura again. (this is her identifying name from now onwards). It turns out shes actually not too bad, and not too self obsessed, and drives a Vespa, which makes her infinitly cooler. Vespas are great.
I walked down to the beach after class and got a cup of coffee and a doughnut, and looked like a student, reading my books, with my bag and my coffee and doughnut. I just looked like a student, I havent felt like that in a long time.

I want to be in a Ramones-esque punk band. I’ve already decided that if I was I’d be Sammy Ramone, and I’d grow my hair all long and look like a poof. Yeah man. At least I have th joy that knowing that without me my band I left behind in the UK will not amount to anything, because the only other punk guitarist those guys know is a right goon. And he sucks, more than me, which is bad.

I really need a job. Really bad. I want to buy so much stuff, but I seem to spend all my money on coffee and doughnuts. It’s like Im a junkie, soon I will turn to crime to fuel my “habit”.

Oh, I took a few picks of the view from campus, agreed, the pics suck ass coz my digital is gay. And indeed all digitals are gay. And therfore have HIV, because it is gay (sorry, sidetracked…back to the subject), but I thought y’all would like to have a look at where I go to school:

View From West Campus 1 – my favourite surf spot when the swell is up.
View From West Campus 2 – The football (sic) field, and harbour.
View From West Campus 3 – the beeeeeeeeeach.


Posted by Sam @ 05:03 AM AST [Link]

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sam. your pictures don’t work. this is terrible news.

Posted by mike @ 08/24/2002 08:39 AM AST

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