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Holidays nearly over

Holidays Nearly Over. Back to Suffering. I’m tired. I’ve spent the last four days in a seaside resort on a tropical island, enjoying the sun, and going on my dad’s boat (he’s richer than you) spending lazy hours soaking up the sun’s rays and eating oysters.

Fuck, it was boring! It was the worst four days ever! I can’t believe my dad paid an extra hundred dollars for a ‘poolside suite’. The pool is open to everyone else in the fucking hotel only they are ten metres further away and 100 dollars better for it. The fucking sun burnt my ass and the oysters gave me an unrelenting stomach cramp.

Mike and Rod have left Brunei. Collectively, they’ve stayed in the country over two decades. I got a chance to see both of them on Wednesday before they left. Mike told me about how he had bought some powdered soap in the Body Shop for Erin which he would give to her in Singapore in exchange for 27 hours of unbridled sex. He said he was working hard to finish a redesign of FWUK which we will see uploaded soon. He told me to take care and enjoy my studies in Australia.

Rod told me I was a fucked-up desperate little faggot. A try-hard loner VIRGIN who would eventually become gay and hook up with some transvestite and live a miserable fucking life. He actually left to buy some cigarettes and didn’t come back before I got to the chance to say good-bye to him.

Both will be missed.

Matt developed some pictures from a party a few weeks ago. Lots of T&A. Coming soon. Those who subscribe to the FAT website newsletter will have got a preview of what’s to come in their mail. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the mailing list by entering your email address in the column on the right and press Click2Join.

It’s an interesting time to be a Brunei website. Justin is getting half a thousand visitors a day. I read a few days ago on Shasha’s site about someone finding her porn in the bathroom. And the FAT website will have more frequent updates as Dan and Sam return from Perth and Lebanon.

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