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Good to see I am not the devil

I always felt I was not part of this whole “blog” thing, but it’s nice to see a few people saying it’s good to have me around again…

On a side note I think I’m depressed. It’s amazing how a job can get you depressed but still you won’t/can’t leave it. And it all comes down to the fucking money! I think I’ll go and see a shrink.

I went to Sasha last Friday. He was good but not as good as I was expecting, although I did have a headache and was sick I don’t think it helped the matter. Sasha was in a fowl mood and I was in a fowl mood so it was not the best night. I did get to catch up with lots of friends though.

Does anybody her have any interest in “dance music” (I am using that term VERY lightly, but it is the easiest way to convey the genera of music I am talking about) on here? If so what’s you’r poison?

Edo if you want a new picture I am sure I can find something.

For Matt (Sorry its a few years old) here is a pic [img][/img]

OK, all you laughing, FUCK OFF!

Have a nice weekend all 🙂

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