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Its ohhhh soooo COLD. And rather misty i must say. Man oh man, i cannot wait to fly out to the other side of the hemisphere. I ‘ve been filming in the studios all day, takng crap orders from people who are visually retarded. I left early using the dentist thing as an excuse. Only i dont have to go for another….3 hours. I feel like a fish in a fish bowl. I’m sitting by the window of the library, and everyone walking past outside can see me. I’ve waved like an idiot about three times already. Maybe i should just start shoutng, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BASEBALL around the library so people will think its normal for me.

Tonight, as crap as the weather is, is my student union’s Xmas party at the uni nightclub. To add to this sexualness, its also an early birthday thing for me. I’m thinking santa hat, fishnet tights, and lots of tinsle. Apparently, in some University poll, my uni came second in the entire country of wildest Uni’s. I always thought it was a bit shit to be honest. I think the pictures of the girl-on-girl scenes at the uni night club helped in that poll. I think its somewhere on

I want to say a big big hello to ANNA because its always good to hear from old friends. Which is also weird because my old friend Gemma and Neema emailed me this week…what are the odds of that happening? SO..i’m gonna big up my old chiz curl massiiiiVVVE…BO!!

London is getting to my head.

I’m going shopping on Saturday for last minute Xmas stuff. Its excellent, becuase it happens to be 1)my birthday and 2) my money day so i cannot wait to spend all that dosh on lovely things.

Pat, i dont think you were aware of your grunts…but they were there.
Dont worry, it added character.


Posted by Angela @ 10:22 PM AST [Link]

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…i mean, “belated”..

Posted by anna @ 12/15/2002 01:30 PM AST

woooh! hey angela! 😉
Happy 20th Birthday!!!
Chiz Curls..? darn, I miss those!! :p

Posted by anna @ 12/15/2002 01:28 PM AST

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