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Euro 2012 Final Live-Blog: Italy vs Spain: Super Mario World

This is it.  For all the marbles.

0 min  I’m absolutely starving.  I can’t decide whether to have a meal or a snack.  I think I’m going to have a pot noodle.

0 min  SBS Coverage is just talking heads in the studio.  No footage of the closing ceremony.

1 min  The crowd counted down to kick-off like a Royal Rumble!

5 min  Both teams playing positive.  Italy have tried the long ball to Super Mario a couple of times, Spain have been more direct with short passes through the middle of the park.

10 min  Cup noodle was delicious.

13 min  SBS’ video feed starts to go all glitchy and out of sync with the audio just in time for GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL  David Silva heads home for Spain, 1-0.

20 min  Italy need to work out a new supply channel to Balotelli.  Long ball isn’t cutting it.  Whats weird is that they’re stringing together some decent passes and building some pressure but then the final ball is a really low percentage option.

25 min  Apparently the feed has cut out in New Zealand and on ESPN too.  What is going on?

35 min  Goddamn, Spain are all over Italy

40 min  GOOOOOoooooOAAAAAAaaaAAAlllLLL.  An incredible run from Jordi Alba (seriously, about 30 metres) who is supplied an inch perfect pass from Xavi.  One touch to get the ball, another to put it into the back fo the net.  Amazing goal.

45 min  Halftime.  Italy look down and out.

Halftime assessment  Spain are pretty good, dudes.

60 min  Italy are going to need to get cracking.  So far, this has been the same as the first half.

70 min  Pretty sure Italy have given up now.  They appear to playing for a ‘respectable scoreline’

80 min  Zzzzz….

81 min  GOALGOALGOALGOALGOAL  Fernando Torres capitalized on a mistake in the back from Italy.  3-0.  Holy shit.  What a demolition job.

83 min



A record hiding in a Euro final.  Spain stake their claim as one of the all time greatest teams having won back to back Euros and a World Cup in a six year span.

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