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Pop goes the weasel

I hate writing two updates in a row. But i want to write anyway, since everyone else is too busy. Bo!

Dropped my Propaganda class, decided i couldnt be arsed with it. I have 30 pounds to last me till the 14th…can i manage it? place your bets now…

Had a pretty heated talk in my seminar earlier about the whole Bush Administration thing, and the shit thats happening between the Palestinians and the Israelis…pretty interesting. Two german chicks in my class royally pissed me off tho, the same ones who told me and my friends to shut up in my law class yesterday. So i told them to fuck off, cuz they were blaming everything on Islam, and they didnt know dick. And they got really aggro when someone said that UK was the biggest economical country in Europe, and not Germany (not that it really matters which is the right one) It was a pretty cool class, i felt like Danny Fanselow should have been there tho, because it was completely his thing.

I’m muddled about things. Never a good thing. SAM: those tendencies are showing again =[

Something that bugs me here, is that i seem to be the only one who realises how cold its getting. Last night, it was really chilly as in the air was ICY, not good! I went over to a friend’s house before going to the bar, and we drove there with the roof of his car down. I mean it was FREEZING! note to everyone LET GO OF SUMMER. ITS OVER!

Other than that…there’s a pub crawl we’ve made up tonight. How typically english of me. I have no classes tomorow! Woo! Oh yeah, Skool Disco was fun. Any excuse to dress up is fun. All the girls looked like slags. Tarty goodness. I wore my big fuck off heels with my hair in bunches. Try walking home drunk in that. See, girls put so much effort into stuff like this, but blokes dont. A shirt, a tie, rub gel in hair…and they’re done. Up goes the middle finger.

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