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Some folks were born to raise the flag, ooh, the red white and blue

Man, Tom has left an open invitation to the world to fuck his ass. Geezus. What the fuck are you going to do if someone does find a country with nothing wrong with it Tom? Are you actually going to let them fuck your ass?

Well, 9-11 came and went and people pretended to care. I don’t have a problem with mourning, but I’m sure 90% of the people in California, New York might as well be a million miles away, and while 9-11 was terrible, I think everyone over on the west coast felt a little guilty for not being more affected. I get the impression there is a lot of forced emotion right now, just so people don’t feel too bad about the fact that 9-11 didn’t change them a whole lot.

I wanna apologise to Matt for getting all bitchy at him for paying out England. I wanna apologise to Mike for jumping to conclusions and getting on his case before. I wanna apologise to Tom for ditching him in the UK, and I will apologise to Edo, for never letting him fuck me in the ass, no matter how many times he asked.

Someone sent me some links in my hotmail this morning to some porn mpgs on some site, and they turned out to be some wierd underwater porn. I have never seen underwater porn before. And it didn’t really get me off, more just kind of amazed me as to how long this girl could hold her breath for.

I have applied for two jobs, one as a data entry processor at a mail order catalogue, and I applied for one at a guitar store today. I have an interview at the mail order place on Tuesday, but I hope to God I get the job in the guitar store!

I was just listening to some bon jovi, and an amusing memory came back to me. I was at Pat’s house, and “Something For The Pain” came on, and anyone who knows the song will know it has a kind of Indian intro. As it came on, Rod turned to me, and being the comedic genius that he is, he asked if it was making me feel at home, seeing as I was such a kaling. What a dick.

Funny times at Pat’s house…

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