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After reading about Edo’s difficulties with the server (yes, I do have access to the site mail as well) I didn’t want to post again until it had moved to its new home.

Shows how strong my resolve is.

I’m feeling depressed. But I feel a bit better because my sister gave me one of those cheap gummi things. You know, the ones made with non-halal pork gelatin. Depression, apparently is caused by a lack of carbohydrates. So if you’re feeling down, eat bread.

But this isn’t a biology lesson. This is a rant.

I’ve got three more weeks of school left. Graduation dinner is on Saturday. However, the actual ceremony (where they give you your leaving certificates and shit) is not until July 10th. July 10th! What the hell am I supposed to do until then? I planned to leave the first week of July. I’m seriously considering making an early exit anyway and missing the ceremony. Still, “it is my duty as a responsible adult, blah blah blah,” to attend. It’s probably going to be the same last year, made up of wooden smiles, postures, pre-arranged speeches on how great the school is, a powerpoint presentation showing pictures that we’ve already seen, what, a hundred times over? As well as a half an hour speech by the principal which attempts to use as many large words as possible (sounds like some of our updates, actually). My endocrine system is quivering with anticipation.

My sister has a picture of Annie. Admittedly, it’s not very clear. It’s more of a wide shot actually. Her head is about an inch big. If you want it Edo, then, sure. I’ll send it to you. Wait, hang on. My scanner’s stuffed up. Probably not then.

Good night. You probably won’t see me again until we’ve finished moving servers.

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