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It’s gonna break soon, it’s gonna break soon

Everything on my computer is going bust!

– Kazaa Lite can only connect to about 700 users
– Regular Kazaa brings up insane amounts of porno banners
– IE Browser isn’t refreshing automatically even though I haven’t changed any of the settings
– DVD Player crashes on exactly 15 minutes on some DVDs but not others
– MSN keeps crashing. Actually, this is nothing new.
– Championship Manager 4 just flat out does not work. Crashes when you double click the exe file

Can anyone help me out with any of this?

This is my last week of classes before the holidays! Almost everything is due in on Friday with the exception of my Corporate Documentary which is due next week. So this is my last week of inane homework related updates (*pumps fist in the air*).

Ooh, and I finally got a picture of my tattoo!

I tried going shopping on Sunday to alleviate the schoolwork with little success. Wrestlemania XIX DVD was sold out and new copies don’t come in until Wednesday. Even worse though, I tried finding copies of Zelda for Gamecube. Apparently, the game is completely sold out in Perth and new copies don’t come in until June 30th. A full month away. That is insane. It’s like Nintendo of Australia wants to lose money or something. Why did they understock their biggest new title with no more copies coming in over the holiday break? That is so retarded. No wonder they are getting their asses kicked by Sony and Microsoft. I hope the game is good because I’m having a bit of a dwindling interest in computer and videogames. Mario Sunshine wasn’t what it should’ve been. In the year that I have owned an Xbox I only have one game and still can’t find anything else worth buying. The E3 show this year didn’t really do much to spark my interest. Too many sequels, too much same old same old. Can anyone recommend a game for any console or for PC? I don’t care about genre, arcade or sim or whatever. I just want something, ANYTHING, to rekindle my passion for this hobby.

Mmm…Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix is out soon. I will be there at the release night, pushing little kids out of the way to ensure I get my copy. I got my tattoo designed by Polly that is a cool lightning bolt but it also doubles as a neat little nod to Harry. If there is a news crew around I will show them the tat and claim its a Potter tribute tattoo to try and get on tv. Yes, I am a media whore.

Hey Matt, if you come to Perth in October, I’ll try and score some tickets for the Rugby World Cup.

I got a porno spam mail today which had the full name of someone I know advertised on it. I opened it up but it wasn’t the person I knew. How weird would it have been if it was?

Back to work!

Posted by Edo @ 12:36 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

Dunno when I’m leaving Perth. When I have a job to go to I guess. And Chris, I’ll pick up Luigi’s Mansion when it drops to a platinum price since its been out for a while and I expect a price drop soon.

Posted by Edo @ 06/03/2003 09:59 PM AST

Xbox is awesome, gamcube has better graphics! GET LUIGI’S MANSION

Posted by chris @ 06/03/2003 08:15 PM AST

Man, you can score with harry potter fanclub chicks!! although thats illegal if there born after 87.

Rugby world cup… me? ha. that would be cool!

when are you leaving perth for good then?

Posted by Matt @ 06/03/2003 10:26 AM AST

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