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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

Back in Brunei

I’ve been back in Brunei for a weekend now. And it’s been brilliant. Friday night with best friends, girlfriends and milo at Jubilee and it was just like old times. Sitting around and doing fuck all. It was so good. Kate sat, looking beautiful and bitching about people (you know who you are). Tom paid out EVERYONE. He was on ...

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Hot Japati is at war with  In the excitement, both sites will get an extra 20 hits. I don’t know about you, but is one of the funniest sites I have ever read.  I was in fucking hysterics.  It’s one of the cleverest satire sites you can find on the internet.  All the updaters take the roles of loser ...

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I feel naked.  Why are people talking about me? First, Rod’s update says that people whisper that I dress up in women’s clothing. Then Livie tells me that her site was censored by her school.  And they mentioned something about the FAT website too.  Well, since we have nothing to do with ISB, there’s nothing they can do (it’s sort ...

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Thank God For Bizzos and Marshmellows

So we are saved.  Thanks to Bizzos and Marshmellows who will host us. So you can still read about our ‘wacky antics’ and ‘outrageous real life dramas’ that we can all relate to and spot members on the site who remind us of ourselves and friends that we know.  Incidentally, I spent 200 dollars on new DVDs today and Pat ...

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The Lisa House Rules

Lisa, don’t stress.  Presented for the benefit of the FAT website readers attending the party on Saturday, here is her list of twenty rules to obey.  If you misbehave, Tom the Bouncer will nut-slap you in his spandex and throw you out the house. So here we go: Lisa’s House Party Rules Don’t drink too much Don’t do drugs Don’t ...

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Edo updating as Sam

This blog was taken from a week where The FAT Website staff were blogging as someone else.  This is Edo blogging as Sam. I noticed an interesting phenomenon this Sunday. It was the day after the ISB Disco.  I woke up and thought ‘shit, i can do everything’ and it was then that I noticed what i will refer to ...

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Soul crushing mind numbing free time

This weekends lineup: Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll Party Alison and Lisa’s 100 People In Spandex Party Beer and Bandar Thursday. Translation:  This should be a good weekend for parties. So what to do until then?  Free time sucks.  I’m going out of my mind with boredom.  I need to do some work.  Or find a really really cool ...

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I’m Going to Have A Baby

I was reading in TIME magazine about those twin babies that were adopted on the internet and all the custody battles that are going on between the mother and the family that adopted them. In the interests of writing an article about online adoption for the FAT website I’m going to try and buy a baby online.  If anyone knows ...

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International School Disco Rules


There is excitement in the air.  There is an International School disco on Saturday.  There are live bands and little kids who punch Indian kids in the face.  It will reek of awesomeness (and a little vodka). We need a name for the upcoming Porn themed party.  Tentative titles have included: *Palace of Porn *Porn-O-Rama 2:  The Second Coming *Hardcore ...

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