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Book Club

The FAT Website Book Club reads a new book every month, spanning everything from fiction to non-fiction, best seller to cult classic.

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell


“Am I dog that you should come to me with sticks?” Did you know that there is no evidence that correlates smaller classrooms with better grades?  Why did a Pakistani immigrant in America find amazing success coaching a women’s basketball team despite having no familiarity with the sport?  Why was Martin Luther King and his associate Wyatt Walker so keen ...

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Cat Among The Pigeons by Agatha Christie


The reason I became an avid reader of Hercule Poirot books as a kid is twofold.  One, I love a good murder mystery.  Two, David Suchet is amazing and watching The ABC Murders on TV made me a fan for life. It’s only as I’ve gotten older and read more about Agatha Christie herself that I’ve gotten to understand the ...

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Life Itself by Roger Ebert


I first began reading Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, a couple of months ago.  In a sad but not entirely unexpected development, Ebert passed away from his long battle with cancer before I had a chance to finish the book.  Being a man with an impeccable and unnerving sense of timing, Ebert publicly blogged his retirement from full time film ...

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Wool by Hugh Howey


“The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death” Wool is a post-apocalyptic epic that’s been refered to as the sci-fi answer to 50 Shades Of Grey.  That’s not because it has terrible writing and contains fisting but it originated as a self-published ebook that was a scant 60 pages.  After finding an audience and a major publisher, Howey ...

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Out Of The Pit by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson


Ever look on eBay or Amazon and feel the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on books, toys and knick knacks from your childhood?  It probably goes without saying that as a grown man who collects Lego, hoards video games and owns the complete sets of Tintin, Asterix, Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side that I am someone who ...

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