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The FAT Website staff are video game enthusiasts and this section covers reviews of console and portable software. The five point review score works as follows: 0 Stars [Rubbish], 1 Star [Mediocre], 2 Stars [Average], 3 Stars [Good], 4 Stars [Great], 5 Stars [Classic]

Super Mario Galaxy


Platform:  Nintendo Wii Developer:  Nintendo EAD Tokyo Publisher:  Nintendo I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but Super Mario Galaxy managed to stay beneath my radar until the first round of reviews started coming in, a week or so before its retail release.  Maybe it was caution after Super Mario Sunshine or the stacked end of year release schedule that ...

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Halo 3


Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  Bungie Publisher:  Microsoft Game Studios It’s all about value and community. Halo 3, the final chapter in the flagship trilogy on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, is marketed under the tagline of ‘Finish the Fight’.  If its referring to the actual story in the Campaign mode, that fight will take you roughly 10 hours to complete.  As a ...

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Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  2K Boston Publisher:  2K Games The video game industry needs more games like Bioshock.  It is only one game and yet it accomplishes so much.  2K Boston have created a game so full of atmosphere, that has also defied industry expectations of how well a title targeted at adults can perform in terms of sales and ...

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Platform:  Playstation 2 Developer:  Sega Publisher:  Sega There is plenty that has been written about Sega’s Yakuza game.  A spiritual successor to the ambitious Shemue series, Yakuza made waves in Japan as one of the first videogames to explore the topic of Yakuza gangs and it is also one of the most expensive videogames ever made. Unfortunately, in my mind, ...

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New Super Mario Bros.


Platform:  Nintendo DS Developer:  Nintendo EAD Team 4 Publisher:  Nintendo Some boardroom in Kyoto a year ago: “Let’s make a Mario game” “Sure, why not.  What’s he going to do this time?  Fishing?  Cooking?  Basketball? Mario Party 9?” “No…like, a 2-D Mario platform game” “Wait…with no gimmicks?” “Yeah, just a regular 2-D Mario game.” “…that’s genius” Who knows how it ...

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