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We’re off to see the lizard, the wonderful lizard of Oz

harrow massiiiive in the house. psh.

hidey-ho. So, i am here in front of a computer. it seems quite alien to me now. I have been shuttled back and forth between my mum’s place and my lickle house in harrow. It seems one week at my mum’s and i’m climbing the walls to leave again. DId i tell ou we have a pet chihuaha puppy now? her name is Lily. Did u know that if you buy a pedigree dog, you have to give it a pedigree name, like some stupid fancy schmancy stuff? i think Lily’s is Lady Lily the Pink. or something like that. its cool. i want a fancy name too. i might make mine, Lady Angela of Fat Head. Or something. Or what about Ange of La?

I got a vote thingy in the post today. It said its compulsory i vote of else they will fine me £1000. thats so rude. crooked politicians. what if i dont want to spend 20p on sending away their stupid vote thing? ITS MY 20p DAMMIT. I could buy something better like…gum.

I bought Dazed and Confused the other day. its my favorite movie. besides The Lost Boys. okay, you know that scene in Drop Dead Fred, where she lets him out of the box and he bounces off the walls a few times? i want to do that.

Posted by Angela @ 10:29 PM AST [Link]

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Drop Dead Fred FACE!!!!!

Posted by Tom McNeill @ 08/15/2002 11:32 PM AST

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