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Happy New Comics Day!

yes. wednesday is new comics day. i have new comics. i am happy. even better was that one of the local comic shops was having it’s 10 year birthday sale. so everything was 30% off. sweet. i think i shall devote a little bit of my wednesday blog entry every week to show off what comics i bought. yes. that sounds good. i may even end up reviewing them for the site. ok, here we go:

Fables #3 (Vertigo/DC) – continues the first story arc of this new ongoing vertigo series. good stuff. book is based on common fairy tale characters with a modern/adult twist.

Skinwalkers #1 & #2 (ONI Press) – issue 1 actually came out two months ago. i skimmed it in the shop. didn’t catch my fancy. but Rodney, the comic shop guy, recommended it, and he has decent taste, so it hought i’d check it out. fuck. this is awesome. got a cool x-files feel. FBI agent assigned to a case out in Navajo country. Some guy is skinning people and wearing their skins, essentially becoming them. the best thing about this book, is the amount of research the writers, Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir, have obviously done because their knowledge of the native american culture and the workings of the FBI really shine through. this book is shapping up to be awesome i shall never doubt ONI again. also, this is a 4-part mini-series. two more issues to go.

Top Ten Vol. 1 TPB (ABC/Wildstorm) – I haven’t actually finished reading this yet as it collects the first 7 issues of this series. but so far things seem good. This book is about a futuristic city where evryone is a superhero with an alter ego and powers. yeah, sounds kinda cheesy. but it’s written by Alan Moore, world famous author of The Watchmen. so all doubt that this would be shit quickly disapeared. Anyways, Top Ten is the city of Neopolis’ tenth police precinct. The main story appears to follow rookie cop Robyn Slinger on her first week at the precinct. i’m enjoying this so far.

stuff i haven’t read yet:
Transmetropolitan #58
New X-Men #129
Y-The Last Man #1

ok…now that that’s done with…onto my life…

was a little hung over from last night. as we had been at Jess Bennett’s house having a sort of JIS reunion thing. Me, Erin, Jassa, Josh, Jess, Erin Kelly, Ewan and his girlfriend Kim. It was fun, we drank a lot and just shot the shit. good time.

today, however, was a little crusty as we had to take out dog, Taz, to the vet. we’d noticed a lump on her face yesterday, it’s about the size of a marble. kinda scary. anyways…doctor said it’s probably an infected lymph gland or something…gave us anti-biotics. the whole thing, consultation, cost $80. fuck. not gonna eat next week. hopefully these pills will work…otherwise they may have to take some of her teeth out and it could cost anywhere from $250-$350. damn. fucking ripoff south melbourne vets.

i burnt some cds today too. again. it’s such a boring ass process. these are our second realease at Milk Plus Records. it’s actually a 5 track CDEP written and performed by none other than Mr. Jassa Amir himself. acoustic stuff. all fucking good. if you’re interested in a copy get in contact with me. go check out our website too. we have spam in our guestbook. and also our guestbook was signed by an amateur porn star. pretty sweet.

was gonna go out again tonight with people from last night. but they are off to the cinema. and we just spent $80 on the dog. so cannot afford it. looks like i’ll have nice quiet time with erin. good.

the thora birch pics were way cool edo. legend.

my superpowers enable me, to blend in with machinery. that was for sam.

anyone know what all this karma stuff is? i’m sure it says it somewhere but i’m too lazy to look.

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