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Australia Decides 2013: The LNP Pulls Ahead In The Polls


The latest Galaxy Poll shows the LNP pulling ahead in two party preferred polls.  It’s not an unassailable margin but at this point, a betting man would be wise to put money on Tony Abbott and the conservatives regaining power in September.

This is a disappointing development to say the least.  The only positive I take out of it is that, for our viewing pleasure, Tony Abbott is hilariously awful at public speaking.  I’m talking George Bush or Sarah Palin levels of eloquence.  Abbott is generally in his comfort zone parroting three word slogans but has struggled when questioned by the press, however mildly.  The poor guy even struggles with puff-piece interviews on morning shows.

One of the most awkward qualities he shares with Bush and Palin is that when he is caught in a lie, he will either shut down entirely and go completely silent or try and make a bolt for a getaway car.

It’s pretty funny but on a serious note…our country will be a goddamn laughing stock for the next three years.  Totally poo poo.

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