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World Cup Food

I have to say, I did really like and admire Munch’s World Cup Preparation kit that he posted on Facebook.  When this guy posts a status update saying he is going to retire to his Man Cave to watch the World Cup for a month, you better believe it.

World Cup Preparation Kit

Look at that shit.  It looks amazing.  Indo Mee, Jatz, McCains pizza.  I was right there with him.

See, nowadays, things have changed for me.  This was what I had to eat for last night’s games.

Bigass steak

Big Ass Steak

Crapload of veg


Jen’s pretty amazing like that.  She just randomly decided to cook up a storm last night.

Which is not to say I won’t be completely immune to eating some awesomely greasy pub food or instant noodle in the coming weeks.  I think I’m going to struggle with some of these 4.30am kickoffs and Jen won’t be particularly receptive if I wake her up then, asking her to make me a pie.

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