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Back in town

I’m back in Brisbane after a near-four week holiday.  It’s back to work today.  The apartment also needs a to have a bit of tidying.  There’s laundry that needs doing.  *Sigh* I’ll be blogging about Scotland and Malaysia in due course.  It was a pretty sweet holiday though.  Here’s a sampler of some of the stuff we got up to.

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I like to blog about life in Australia.  It’s got plenty of charming idiosynchracies, colourful characters in the public eye and very brown geographical features.  I like blogging about Brunei and my memories of growing up there.  I don’t blog very often about Britain.  I really should though.  I have family there, many of the TFW bloggers call it their ...

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World Cup Quarter Finals Part TWOOOO

Okay, so I was completely wrong with my predictions for the first two games.  Tonight we’ve got South Africa vs Fiji and Scotland vs Argentina. South Africa vs Fiji South Africa are huge favourites to win the tournament now.  But something about that smug cockface Eddie Jones actually being on a winning side after leading the Wallabies to 8 losses ...

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What The F- –

AUSTRALIA 10 ENGLAND 12 NEW ZEALAND 18 FRANCE 20 I’m tired, I’ve had 2 hours sleep and after I blog this I have to go to work  All my hopes and dreams now rest on Scotland.

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Happy Rebirth of Christ!

i have returned to the big city of Melbourne. Today i had to go in search of a job… not the most ideal idea of fun, but i’ve gotta fund this trip somehow. I’m not to sure but i think i heard someone mutter the words “light labour” to me… does this mean i’ll be moving boxes of something? i ...

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