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Youtube Friday: Floating in the Flood

Thankfully, the flood is finally starting to recede in Brisbane and life is slowing going back to normal.  Happily, our apartment wasn’t affected by the flood and neither were the homes of our closest friends and family.  That said there were tens of thousands of homes that have been devastated by the floods and the recovery effort will take a number of months.

A friend sent me this link of a video journal by a Courier Mail reporter floating around Coronation Drive in Toowong in a dinghy.  That’s where my office is for work.  At around 2:28 in the video they float through The Regatta which is our local pub.  On Tuesday, I went there for celebratory birthday drinks for my friend Nick in the afternoon.  It’s pretty weird to think that less than 24 hours later, it was submerged in flood water.  It might be a little tough to appreciate in the video but the area they float through is entrenched in flood waters around three metres high.  Watching this video certainly hit home the severity of the floods for me as I recognized so many landmarks in it and its pretty surreal to see them all underwater.

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