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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I noticed an interesting phenomenon this Sunday. I was in KB staying at a friends house. The night before we had all been drinking and watching a lot of porn, in fact, some of the best porn there is (Sorority Sex Kittens, Debbie Does Dallas etc.) but that is beside the point. We all woke up with extreme hangovers and it was then that I noticed what i will refer to from now onwards as “the Sunday syndrome”.

Have you ever noticed how when you wake up on Sunday, especially after a night of drinking, you are absolutely filthy? Your skin is all oily, as is your hair. Your muscles all ache, and a similar effect is noticed in the head. The entire day is spent with your eyes half open, smoking a lot and moving as little as possible. You can shower, but you still feel as filthy when you come out of the shower.

These are the days in which you catch up on all the movies you have been missing out on. Last Sunday we watched “Any Given Sunday”, “Dude, where’s my car?”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Charlie’s Angles”. We didn’t move from the couch for about 10 hours. It was the greatest day of all time.

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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