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There’s no such thing as stupid ideas, only stupid people

Now, before I start, I’d like to apologise profusely to any and all who read this site, and to the other members for not posting anything these past…bloody hell! 13 days? The FTP program that I was using (Cute FTP, full version) suddenly kicked the bucket and refused to connect to the ftp server. And now, for some reason it can. Actually, there’s a very good reason why it can, but it’s really quite a superficial reason. Something to do with me not putting ftp:// at the beginning of the address. That kind of thing.

Also, the site was due for another archive. So it’s archived.

Now…what have I been doing for the past 13 days? Well, most of you would probably have noticed that I’ve been posting on this site, as well as getting ready for exams and stuff. School’s finished for life. I’ve been…sleeping lots. Yeah. I think that’s it so far. So now that I’m on holiday, I’ve been very busy doing nothing in particular. However, I’ve got plenty of spare time to update Dis…I mean, this site.

I still haven’t got any pictures from the JIS graduation that are worth scanning and publishing. I don’t think it’s likely I ever will. So, no feature I suppose. Pat should be doing something soon though, on his grad event.

Now, Edo’s somewhat naive, cheerful and simplistic views lately have been…disturbing. He’s been showing all the exuberance and enthusiasm of a puppy. He was asking why Sophie and Dian don’t hang out with each other 24/7 anymore, and whether it was a falling out. “Ask her round for dinner,” he said. “Get them to patch things up.” Right. I see. He couldn’t believe that we as a family don’t sit together for dinner. Or give each other ‘family hugs’, for that matter. Ech. Family hugs.

He should be back in Brunei by now. Why he’s so excited about coming back I have no idea. Brunei never changes. It’s reliable. You can expect it to be pretty much the same a year or two from now. We’ll still be desperately throwing parties every so often, trying to convince ourselves that we’re actually having a great time. We’ll still be ingesting as much alcohol as we can take in the shortest amount of time, in the reckless and grotesque overindulgence of a child who, having tried something new for the first time, is unable to control his consumption and exposure to that new concept. There’s a certain lack of self-control with the expatriate teenage ‘party scene’. And as Rod hinted many times in his posts, there’ll also be a sense of despair about each party, as we come to the realisation that it isn’t as fun or as successful as we had initially thought.

I’ll stop there, as I’m getting sidetracked. So I’ll just end this with a hearty “Welcome back to Brunei, Edo.”

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