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Intuition is most definitely underrated. I think that if everyone used their instincts a little more and their complicated, socially conformed heads a little less, the world would be a far more truthful place.

I’m procrastinating again. It’s always obvious that I’m doing homework when I start blogging a lot. What’s worrying is getting to that point when you have to admit to yourself that you’re in trouble and you really just have to put your head down and get stuck in to something. And then you don’t. Or can’t. And then you worry. And then you blogg.

Last night I had a fantastic time. I didn’t want to go out, I would have much preferred to stay home and be sloth-like but I’m glad I didn’t. It was nice catching up with my old teacher/friend. And I also met two other ladies, one had done extensive travelling around south america and the other is off to surf around Costa Rica in a week or so. We talked about divorce and court settlements and hair dressers and I really didn’t add much to the conversation until they asked me about how I’d developed whilst being away and everyone decided that the opinions I’ve come to and the self-awareness I’ve achieved is all very big. I like talking to older people because they make all your problems seem very trivial. Which is good sometimes.

I came home and the kids across the road were having a party. In my up-beat, socially confident mood I thought about inviting myself over but that would have probably been going a bit far.

My grandma is going to knit me a poncho for my birthday. Hooray for cold weather!!

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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