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I feel naked.  Why are people talking about me?

First, Rod’s update says that people whisper that I dress up in women’s clothing.

Then Livie tells me that her site was censored by her school.  And they mentioned something about the FAT website too.  Well, since we have nothing to do with ISB, there’s nothing they can do (it’s sort of like asking to change their content because someone at school looks at their site).  But do we have a responsibility to younger viewers?  We have a picture of chick sticking a beer bottle up her snatch on this site.

Then Pat tells me his mom and Beccas mom had a conversation about me (‘good in bed, unbeatable at International Superstar Soccer 2 etc.).

Then Erin told me she was talking about me with Jess and Kate.  Apparently I am Kate’s date #3 at the graduation (!).

Finally, Phil Langton from Strata Real Estate Agency and the old hag from Unit 28 have been talking about me.  They sent me a 40 page document complaining about my behaviour.  It’s insane.  I expected the usual noise complaint but instead:

  • a proprietor, occupier, or other residents of a lot shall be adequately clothed when upon common property
  • ensure the health and hygiene of the occupier of other residents are not adversely affected by the disposal of garbage.
  • the occupier of the lot shall not use the property for purposes that may be illegal or injurious to the reputation of the building

What the hell is all this shit?  That insane old bitch seems to think I walk around naked.  And we dispose all our rubbish in a bin thats like 50 metres away from her fucking unit.  And this illegal shit seems to imply I’m running a brothel or something.

Old people suck.

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