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The update about my tattoo, toilet light, frozen bread and sexy girls

Hey, what a coincidence, I had the same argument with Rod like the one with his friend on the way back from the pub.  Rod was saying I shouldn’t get a tattoo of Kate on my arm.  What does he think he is?  My mom?  What a dick!

I forgot to add the Vote button to my own site for The Good Website thing so now we’re losing to Livie’s site.  Nice one.  But now that’s been fixed so you can vote for us.

The light in our toilet has gone out but we can never be bothered to get a new light bulb.  So for the past week we’ve been pissing in the dark after 7PM and probably missing the bowl half the time.  It’s amazing no one’s slipped and cracked their head.  It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Did everyone enjoy their Survivor party?  I certainly did.  And I correctly guessed who would win.  Now we just sit and wait for Amber and Elisabeth to accept the offers Playboy no doubt will offer them.

Playing with yourself is masturbation.  It’s only slightly more fun than a pack of Pringle’s Cheese and Onion.  Multi-player Masturbation is called sex and it’s great.  Now, taking drugs is a single player game.  Imagine multi-player consensual hallucinations.  How fucking cool would that be?  Surely Sony or the US Government are working on this.

Rod’s attempts to teach us Chinese in his updates is admirable.  But why is there only 1 photo of Annie (from some yearbook when she’s 8)?  Finding a photo of Annie is as hard as finding a good curry in Perth.  Absolutely no one on my ICQ list has one (not even Rod!).  Someone photograph her, scan it, and send it me!  Shit, even Pat’s getting tired of waiting.  Very maturely, he wants a photo of her so he can compare her to his girlfriend and see who is hotter. 

I still maintain Linkin Park are a good band.  Most people rightly recognize them as a rip off of Limp Bizkit.  The style, sound and appearance is 100% imitation.  It’s the Spice Girls of the rock industry.  But that shouldn’t stop you enjoying them.  Face it.  Music is a business.  But just because some marketing dude made a formula out of what is popular music and exploits it, that doesn’t mean it’s bad music.  It’s like all those whiny bitches who complain that Britney Spears doesn’t write her own music.  So what?  Everyone knows this.  It’s a big a revelation as saying wrestling is fake.  What’s your point?  Stop complaining.  Guitarists don’t build their own fucking guitars but that doesn’t mean their music isn’t authentic.  These sort of people quickly become the tiresome old farts who start all their sentences with ‘In my day…’.

Gonna buy some edible chocolate underwear tomorrow.

In the short time that I am in Brunei I’ll still get to meet new people.  I never really spoke with Annie before, but now that she’s with Rod I’ll see a lot more of her.  I can only sort of remember one conversation with Annie at Kate’s in January.

Annie:  I have a secret (sly smile)
Edo:  Are you going to tell me?
Annie:  No
Edo:  (shrugs) Okay

Then I left and ate some frozen bread.  I don’t remember saying much else to her for the rest of the night.  I promise I’ll make more of an effort to be attentive this time around.

“Apparently, Edo will be running a new site somewhere/somehow with lots of girls, thereby confirming publicly what we have all suspected about him in hushed tones for many years”

That’s right.  I get all the hot chicks.

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