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Just One Of Those Days

Normally I’d be saying some cryptic comment, or discussing the joys of English Literature essays, but I’m just completely defeated at the moment. Not only am I still suffering from the ravages of post-flu-turned-chest-cold afflictions, but my entire foot seems to be in pain. I seemingly twisted it at an obscene angle last Wednesday when doing long jump for the school sports carnival. Ah, the joys of the non-athletic person attempting to do something he’s not good at.

I did in fact use three of those pictures that Edo showed in a past feature. I used them here for my 18th birthday feature.

I’d write more, such as how I feel about the recent move to Bizzos (great!) or about the school graduation next saturday (at Empire, tickets $65.00), but I really don’t seem to have the will to do so.

Good night.

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