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I‘ve noticed nobody starts off their post with a greeting anymore. So…Hey there!

Nice to see Sam is still alive. Sort of.

So the party was a massive success. We’re total social whores. I think about 500 people fitted into our houses. No joke. Only one fight broke out, no police were called out, and we got only one complaint from a neighbour but that was only because someone had puked in her front garden. There’s a big purple stain on the kitchen ceiling, i dont know how that happened. I was standing at the door for awhile, being a social whore, watching out for people coming in and out (cuz you know, i’m so scary that just about anybody will listen to me…pssh) after that i was standing on the staircase to get some space and i was master of the universe about letting people use the toilet upstairs. I didnt let anyone up. I said someone was being sick. Oh, how i get my kicks.

Luan brought her old school roller skates back from Hackney, so we spent a few hours on Sunday night skating around Kenton. We got a bit carried away when we realised that we were too tired to make it back home so we ended up sitting on a street corner chatting for ages. It was like 1 in the morning by then. So we get home, to find our other party hoes from across the road playing cricket in the street. I dont know how the neighbours don’t complain more. Anyway, we made tea and sat up chatting with them til 3am. We cut Jim’s hair. And then i went home at about half six. It’s not about being up all night, especially since i had to run a few errands for Rob while he was away filming. So i’ve been pretty knackered since then. I got up at 5 this morning cuz Rob’s call time was at 6. I dont like being deprived of sleep, it makes me grumpy.

So now, i’m at uni, been social whoring in the bar, so basically I’m doing bugger all as usual. I smell like cigarettes, my jeans are itching in my boots, and apparently i have to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in the auditorium. But it’s for free so maybe i will. Or maybe I’ll go home and get some sleep.

Sleep wins.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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