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Fringe in my face. Makes me angry.

Spring is in the air, good. It’s about bloody time!

So last week, we went to see Les Miserables for Lex’s birthday. Jon formerly of SClub fame was in it. I half expected him to jump up and down and sing some cheesy pop but he didnt. He was just very theatrical. I wanna see When Harry Met Sally, Luke Perry plays Harry. I’d be sitting in there in my stall seat and be like…wow…its Dylan! 90210 baby!! And Alyson Halligan is Sally…it’d be hard not to want her to stutter and throw out some crap spell. Typecasts!

Other than that I’ve not been up to much. I escaped the power cut that our flat had on Saturday because i was away at one of my other numerous homes. I got a haircut. I went shopping with my sister on Saturday. I hate London on a saturday, it’s full of smarmy tourists who stand and look at EVERYTHING. Get out the way you losers!!! They’re like oh how quaint and british look at the man pretending to be a statue…I wanna tell them that he’s probably laughing at you really and waiting for you to give him some money you stingy twats. Issues!

I promised my friend Cheese that i’d be part of her focus group tomorow. This means i have to sit through three movies (british gangster ones)…one of them is about the Krays. But a two year old has a bigger attention span than me, so I’m in trouble. I cant just fall asleep either because I snore as loud as a jack hammer. I remember one time i woke up in the afternoon (i don’t do mornings) and there was a plaster across my nose. This freake me out, for a split second i thought i had sleep walked and done it myself. Turns out it was just my mum who could hear me snore from the living room and put a plaster across my nose in the hope that it would shut me up. Work that one out.

My future life plans involve making knickers. Apparently.

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