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I did walk 500 miles

Meeting people… thats what all this backpaking is about. So i thought i’d take it upon myself to go out to see some jazz with next door neighbour Alex. It seemed harmless enough, despite me feeling that i would rather be cuddled up in bed. little did i know how much that would be true later on in the night.

Such an innocent plan at the begining of the night turned into a twisted nightmare of what the plans would become. It ended up being more of a pub crawl from the CBD all the way to home… notice that we live 45minutes by tram outta the CBD and walking home, getting more drunk at each stop, was not such a leisurely experiance. To put it in other words, it took in the vincinity of 3 hours to walk/stagger home… Its funny how at one point in the night you find yourself at the base of massive sky scrapers and by the end of the night you can just make them out on the horizon.
Why did we walk home you ask? well it certianly wasnt cause we couldnt get home any other way as we were standing at the tram stop 2minutes before the last tram, that was until she decided that it would be a great adventure if we walked home (she convinced me it was merely 50mins away). i will not fool for that trick again. Although i will admit that i did end up having fun despite the throbbing pain in my legs… maybe it was simply cause i was too drunk to process any of it.

Edo gets here next week.. woo!! Cat empire show tonite.. woo!! and my friend Zara turns 4 tommorow (leap year baby).. woo!!

well thats me.
Sign back soon for more of “Matt’s wild and wacky Australian adventures”


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