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I Am Getting The Better

So today we wrapped up the final recording of our show in the studios. We had a load of 14/15 year olds with us all day. My god, they are loud, obnoxious little fukkers. I say this out of spite in particular because one of those snotty nosed weasels nicked off with my parka jacket. So who has to walk home freezing (AND recovering from a heinous dose of flu) with nothing but a scarf? Me.

I’m still in disbelief that i’ve spent the entire week in bed ridden with flu germs. Even up until last night, i was convinced i’d never get better, but today seems to be fine. So tonight i am chancing it and going out. God knows, i need it after being hermitised all week. And besides, it’s Skool Disco. Me, who does not dress up for themed nights, not even halloween, will gather the effort to tart up for Skool Disco.

Everyone is mentioning when they’re due back for Xmas. I arrive Xmas Eve. Just for a couple of weeks tho, and then it’s back here to get back to the usual slog. I have loads of time off over every holiday but i have chosen (yes CHOSEN) to have a three week holiday to spend further time on my dissertation. Is this what responsibility is? Perhaps its just guilty obligation too.

What a c*nt. Its well cold out there. Its real warm in here. I dont wanna go home just yet, i have to mentally prepare myself for it. I’ll have to tell myself that scarves are warmer than they look. Much better than parkas. I wish i could magic up a plate of mee goreng or kueh teow loaded with chili sauce. Dog bollocks.

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