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The Final Stretch Rant

Consider this less of a coherent post and more a bunch of random notes:

I had my last break before my last four weeks of classes EVERRR. Then I can officially drop the label ‘student’ and will become ‘unemployed’.

Right now I have so much homework that I don’t know where to begin. Even the Interactive Screenwriting stuff is getting tough. I nutted out a script called Timmy The Incredible Love Making Robot and I’m pretty happy with it. I also have to write reports on a whole bunch of articles too and while you’re only supposed to write 300-400 words on each, VIDEOGAME NERD takes over and I end up writing too much. I wrote my first article and it came to 1,500 words. That was me talking about text adventures. This is going to take a lot longer than I thought.

On Sunday, something happened that I have been waiting twelve years for. The Penrith Panthers finally won the NRL for only the second time in their club history. I was just a wee lad when they won it the first time in 1991. I still have the game on tape though and can pretty much memorise the whole thing. This time, the finals was just as dramatic and I’ll be looking to pick up a copy on DVD. Unfortunately, West Australia isn’t big on rugby of any kind so if I struggle I may have to ask Oli or Mike or Jen to pick it up for me. Anyways, consider me happy happy.

Westham > Norwich.

Apparently I got my arse kicked this week in the Fantasy Football. That’s all very well but I was so busy with my homework that I forgot to edit my team. Next week, I’ll hit right back.

Upcoming attractions for me:

Less Than Jake show on Thursday~!!
Oktoberfest on Friday~!!
Rugby World Cup starts on Friday~!!

…actually, pencil in a rugby game almost everyday between now and the middle of November. Awesome.

I think my flatmate wants to marry his 18 year old girlfriend. He had a heart to heart with me about it. Wow.

Hope you’re doing better Angie.

There is a COMPLETE Hercule Poirot DVD box set that just got released. It is like 30 discs and costs around 500 bucks. I need a job. Mike you can get me this one for Christmas eh. K thnx.

Things are going nicely with Polly these days. It’s great. She invited me to see the Uruguay – Georgia world cup game in a couple of weeks. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT~!!

The site will resume normal main page updating in about 5 days.

Posted by Edo @ 11:28 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

Yes, and I am normally the editor so its almost always up to me to fix.

Posted by Edo @ 10/08/2003 09:27 AM AST

i know what you mean about so much work and not knowing where to start. these final four weeks are going to “be nuts”. especially the film stuff, don’t you reckon there is ALWAYS a technical fuck up like an hour before the film is due. ug.

Posted by jassa @ 10/07/2003 10:43 AM AST

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