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Goddamn right, its a beautiful day


i had a very good week. I’ll jump on the weekend bandwagon thing and let u know what i did.

Friday: went to our uni night club Area51, got drunk on 99p drinks, and walked home all loved up. Humhumhum!!!

Saturday: our block had a power cut (not had one of those since the Pre Amadeo days in brunei!) and so i passed the time watching loverboy and my flat mate mikey play football with the fat kid next door.
It was very wholesome, almost sesame street-like. Me sat on top of the fire stairs watching people and saying hello to passersby. Awwwww….

Sunday: went sunbathing in my friends back garden, where i accidently flashed my boob at my poor friend Viren. I dont think he minded, but still. Ate teacakes and listened to my mix tape with Kiss and the Scorpions on it. No one else seemed to enjoy these classics, but so what.

And yesterday….well…it was dull. Went out to dinner with my best mate Anna, and grabbed a drink at our bar. I spat ice cream on my other flatmates out of sheer boredom. I havent been to bed yet, after getting my good nite huggage, at 5am it was somenes bright idea to go to the park down the road and sit on the swings. This seemed to be a great idea, becuz there was still lots of alcohol flowing thru the blood. So i went swinging…it was fukking excellent! I tell ya, kids have it made.

I have a tutorial. i am late, oh shit.

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