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This may be the last thing I write for a long time

Edo threatened me with anal savagery if I didn’t write in the blog about the weekend.

Friday night was insane. I had like 8 people all calling me wanting to hang out. So I had to coordinate a way in which I was not letting anyone down, but at the same time, not spending my entire night in a car.
I actually had to take out a piece of paper and draw out a diagram it was that complex.

Needless to say, I managed it. First me and Chris went and picked up Nathan, who is on probation and isn’t allowed to drink, but because his missus was out of town, he was going on a bender with us. We then drove to Barbie and Mark’s house, where we sat around and watched skating videos and got very drunk.
Then we picked up Steve’s (who is in the marines) missus. We then drove to another party where most of the other people were. I got completely hammered, along with everyone else playing some overly complex drinking game. I also met a very nice blonde girl called Whitney, but we’ll get to her in a minute.

So yeah, we then drove home at 4 am, completely lathered

Thats a point, no-one here seems to be bothered about drinking and driving. EVERYONE does it.

There’s a girl at the newspaper I work at who has a crush on me, but she is H-Core christian, and is abstaining from sex until marrige. So yeah, the odds of me hittin’ it are rather slim.

Saturday night we went over to Barbie and Mark’s place, and then out to some house party in Isla Vista (student area of town). First we had to crash my friend Drew’s frat party. It was full of dirty looking Sorority girls, and greasy Fraternity guys trying to sleep with aforementioned girls. We were out of there after a couple of beers.
Then onto another house party. There was much beer, and pot smoke, and a DJ playing some very odd kind of jazzy-techno. There was some funny looking guy who was about 4 ft 9 and was tripping out on coke. Freak. He tried to sell me drugs while I was on the phone…what a mong. The conversation was like:

(I am chatting to someone on the phone)
Little Man: Hey man, you want to buy some drugs?
Me: (into phone)hold on a sec dude……..(to little man) What was that buddy?
Little man: *walks off*


Today, I go see X-2 with the bird I met on Friday. And write like 4 papers for various classes. ARSE!

Posted by Sam @ 05:49 AM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

Sam, how was X2 watching with that chick? do tell, do tell!

Posted by Matt @ 05/08/2003 06:42 AM AST

Okay, start placing your bets on who in Brunei wants to give us bad karma.

Posted by Edo @ 05/06/2003 05:25 PM AST

Dude, someone gave you bad karma. Maybe it was Wee Man who offered you drugs.

Posted by Edo @ 05/05/2003 11:36 AM AST

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