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Two minutes to midnight

Unlike sam i was not promised anal rapage if i did not write about my weekend… but i will cover it quickly anyway.

Friday: got to friends party. got really drunk. got with some girl. got high. got hungry. got sleepy.

Saturday: went to watch X2 … orgasmic! this is a seriously bad ass film. Went to a show where my friend’s band was playing (local stuff)… real good. Got with real sexy alternative chick. drove drunkenly around town with friends. crashed at some girls house. smoked dope, played UNO and watched Rocky 1.

Sunday: went to watch X2 again … seriously badder assed film. smoked some more dope. went to another friends house. got real drunk and played board games (heroquest!) til 4am.

… so that was that sumed up pretty dam quickly. all in all a pretty dam fun and funny weekend. next weekend i’m going to the zoo! i may go watch X2 whilst i’m at it…. seriously baddest assed film.

Posted by Matt @ 06:43 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

man matt, is all you do is go to see X-2 and make out with hot chicks? Your life is awesome!

Posted by Sam @ 05/07/2003 02:20 PM AST

less bad ass

Posted by Matt @ 05/06/2003 09:51 PM AST

the girl i went to see x2 with gave me the flu. 🙁

Posted by Edo @ 05/06/2003 08:29 PM AST

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