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Fat Stats: June 2009

I think we’re all enjoying the benefits of introducing Word Press to The FAT Website.  The site looks like a million bucks and its a lot easier to use.

Something else we’ve also added to TFW is Google Analytics so we can see who visits our site and how they found us.  I’ll do a monthly blog entry going over some of the vital statistics.

Hit Count

Hit Count – a modest start for The FAT Website after its month-long downtime.  We are currently tracking at around 40 unique visitors a day.


Top Ten Cities – The top cities in the world contributing to TFW visitors.  I’m not sure why Dubai is spelt like the phonetic spelling of The Fonz pronouncing it. Also…Nottingham?


Global Overview – Africans and South Americans don’t care about The FAT Website.


Top Ten Search Results – Search engines drive a lot of traffic to The FAT Website and now that we tag keywords to the blog entries, we can see what people are looking for when they discover TFW.

About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. Haha looked at the stats and couldn’t figure out why brisbane was so low down on the list and why Sydney appeared at all – It took ages to click that Edo isn’t in Brisbane *doh* I swear i’m missing you honey!

  2. When I use Fatweb at work – it uses a server in Nottinghan I understand. So thats probably why its coming up a lot.

    We need to attract more readers from South America – any strategies?

  3. I’ll do another nude photo shoot if necessary.

  4. Any other suggestions 🙂

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