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I’m leaving Monkey Island

Well, well, well…this is my last day here

I’m kind of fed up with the never ending cycle of going backwards and forwards every holiday. I seem to forever be making preparations for when i leave for either england or brunei. sucky sucky. On my last night here, i plan to go drink an ice longan or fresh orange and eat lots of kolo mee. Or something like that. I went to the police commissioner’s house last night…very nice place. Its so open, everythings fully spread out…i want a house like that too. It was supposed to be haunted there…but this place is so superstitious you dont really believe it. I dont anyway. If i listened to that stuff, i’d believe that story about the ghost child that is seen outside my back yard by the tree…(allegedly) but anyhoo.

I havent really gotten my head round to the fact that this weekend will most likely be spent at my shiveringly cold house in london, with no heating, and no cable tv, and probably no food either. Buggery bollocks, i wish there was no such thing as winter. I cant emphasise how much i HATE winter!!!!!

If there’s a rain dance to make rain…can someone tell me the sun dance, to bring out the sun?

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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