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Homework, Victoria and other random stuff

Homework is building up, which i am not happy about as it is taking a lot of my free time away from me. I have been attending school since i can remember, i cant see myself stopping for a long time, dammit more years of being a poor student.

I’d like to point out, that i really enjoyed and appreciated Sam’s article, found it inspiring in some ways. Man i sound gay saying this.

Glad to see some more updates again, there was a serious drought there for a while.

This weekend myself, daro, and steve are going on a road trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Should be great with the change and the ridiculous amounts of weed, alcohol, and amounts of women. The university there has a ratio of 3 to 1. Fantastic. Hopefully this will be a good break before i go back to school on Monday to do a law presentation, not to mention my 1st exam on Tuesday.

As most of you know, i have been unemployed for the last couple months. I had an interview at a bank yesterday morning, it went great so i am hoping that i get the job and actually get some real money put in my account. You can get all the schooling you want but confidence, dressing up, and a little bit of kissing ass is what really gets you where you want to go. Theres a tip if you want one.

Before the interview a starbucks coffee and a pleasing smoke was prime. Theres another tip.

Nearly 1am now, better look towards bed as i have another long day of learning tomorrow.

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