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So i have decided to drop the little tiff with Sam… despite my harsh words, he is a cool guy.

I’m feeling really left outa topic this week… everyone is talking about pop-punk bands… i am not really a fan.

Mind you, speaking of music, i have found that the coolest thing to do is waking up in the morning is listening to ‘barenessasities’ (sp?). SO GOOD! and i’ll tell you one thing, it sure puts you in a good mood. If this doesnt work then ‘king of the swingers’ will surely place you in a fun-filled mood for the rest of the morning… Ah the good clean fun that is Disney’s Jungle Book. It is so much better that the new disney shit like ‘Return to Neverland’ … whats going on with that?!

New men’s 100m world record this past weekend… it was 0.01second faster than the previous one. Athletics is boring now… we need more drug scandels, bring on Ben Johnson!

i’m off to see if my shower is as good as dans.


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