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Ripping Yarns

ah, Warren Ellis never ceases to make me laugh…


It occurs to me that an awful lot
of trouble in Gotham City could
have been averted a long time ago
if Batman had just ripped the Joker’s
nipples off.

I mean, treatment doesn’t work,
does it? They stick the Joker in the
nuthatch, he comes out again and
does the same things.

A man with the nipples ripped off him
does not make the same mistakes

Criminals are a superstitious,
cowardly lot, and need the nipples
ripped off them.

I mean, who’s going to argue?

“Batman, I’ve heard disturbing
reports that you ripped the Joker’s
nipples off.”

“Choke on my fuck, Commissioner


I mean, crime in Gotham City doesn’t
exactly seem to be affected by a man
dressed as a bat flapping around the
place. But no-one disobeys a man
wearing a necklace of human nipples.

“I’m Batman” isn’t cutting it in the
stakes. But “I’m Batman — and I’m
here for your nipples” is an entirely
different proposition.

Criminals would see the error of
their ways after a man in a black
leather pervert suit had their
nipples off with the edge of a Batarang,
you mark my words. Or a

I’m off to ring Bob Schreck at DC

— W

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