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Woohoo! USA! USA!

I got some good news (early) this morning. I went to see Robin Teo and he told me I got a deferral for my assignment which I failed so I have until January 14th to bring it up to speed. *pumps fist* Sweet! Suddenly, going to Melbourne and stuff next year is back on the cards. This makes me happy ...

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Kinda neither here nor there

I kinda false-started my first week at uni. I only went to two classes and I’m still not signed up for my Internet Design class. Oh, and I haven’t paid my fees yet. That said, my new class Interactive Screen Writing will be a breeze. Its the sort of class where 20% of the grade comes from class participation and ...

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Second Home

I think it clicked that I spend a LOT of time at Mcgee and Denise’s house when I asked Denise last night after watching a movie if she could give me a ride home. She said yes and took me to her house. I spent the morning with Mcgee in town and when I saw her off at the bus ...

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I just broke the chair

One thing Edo about finishing off a project is that the end of it all is a big let down. Its over, and you think to yourself…thats it? I mean all that hassle, and two tutors will sit there and for about a minute at most point out what they thought sucked and move on to the next one. All ...

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Moral of the story

I’m about to write one of the closing chapters of something I’ve been talking about in this blog for a few months now and I’m still scratching my head as to what I’ve got out of it. Last night, as I writing yesterday’s blog post, I was watching the Simpsons on tv. It was a really old episode. It’s the ...

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Notes from Perth

Every now and then we actually have some good news. It looks like we won’t be moving servers after all. Just paying a nominal fee to our host is all. That saves me moving and sorting through a million files in the cluttered mess that is our server space. Things have been pretty quiet in the blog section recently. In ...

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