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Final Fantasy XV


Prince Noctis and his three friends travel to the city of Altissia where Noctis is to be wed. On the journey, they learn that a rival empire has attacked the homeland and King Regis has been slain.

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Seperated at Birth


Last night, before Brisbane got demolished by Stormageddon, I went to the cinema and saw Tangled.  When the trailers for the film were being aired in December, Jen pointed out to me that the character Flynn had a bit of a resemblance to Matt.  It became one of those annoying things that I couldn’t unsee when I watched the film ...

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Stuff going on

One of the best things we did last month was buy a new couch. Look at this magnificent bastard right here.  Our old couch was really getting me down towards the end.  The cushions kept sliding out from under your arse so that no matter what posture you started in, you’d end up slouched with your butt cheeks hanging over ...

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