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Queensland Floods 2013: Hopefully Not As Bad Edition

A belated Happy Australia Day everybody! Queensland is getting smashed with cyclones and some people are projecting that we will flood tomorrow!  Fortunately, it’s not expected to be anything close to the levels of 2011. The storms hit right across Queensland.  My sister in Rockhampton was without power and mobile reception for a day and the bridge near her street ...

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Nu Nu

Nestled in Palm Cove at the Peppers Resort is Nu Nu, one of Australia’s most decorated regional restaurants.  The eatery has a casual, unassuming decor that fits in right at home with the rest of the Williams Esplanade.  The plastic deck chairs remind me of the Serasa Yacht Club that I went to as a kid.  The menu, put together ...

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The Queensland State Election

Like most secular and modern Western countries, Australia has a healthy distrust of right wing political parties.  In Australia, the major conservative party is the Liberal National Party (LNP).  The party’s members tend to have outdated social views on immigrants, gay people and women that are more aligned with your grandpa or that super Christian kid in your high school.  ...

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