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Top Ten Films of 2011


One of the frustrating things about Australian release dates for films is that they are usually day and date in alignment with American blockbuster films released in the middle of the year but when it comes to the independant films and Oscar season films, they are usually several months behind in their distribution.  And given that most of those films ...

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Top Ten Video Games of 2009


I’ve said before that this current generation of gaming has been my favourite for the sheer range of different games that are now on offer across all the different platforms.  2009 didn’t disappoint with its range of quality titles, which if anything, were up in quantity from the year before.  And would you believe 2010 already promises even more amazing ...

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Top Ten Films of 2009


Its only when looking back and trying to narrow down a shortlist to ten films did I realise that 2009 has been a pretty awesome year at the cinema.  There have been plenty of films that I enjoyed and many more supposedly great ones that I have yet to get around to watching. So I’ll kick things off with an ...

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