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You are a fathead

look at that! i am updating!

so its been two weeks. English summers aren’t all that. In fact, it’s raining outside. I could almost pass off as being sensitive and poetic and meaningful as i sit here by the window watching the rain drizzle outside in Covent Garden. But i’m too shallow for that.

Two weeks away, and it seems that Spy Mag has updaters aplenty. Wicked. So Sam is visiting London, and this is going to prove my point that lazyness is contagious. A typical day (upon Sam’s visiting) is get up late, go downstairs, watch telly, chain smoke, order a takeaway, smoke some more, watch more telly and then go to sleep just before it gets light. I’m disgusted. Its amazing we actually made the effort to come out and do some shopping.

I finally saw Goldmember and MIB2. It was okay. I dont really mind watching anything at the cinema. I like the cinema. It smells like popcorn. Which reminds me, Jelly Belly beans are the best. The popcorn ones taste EXACTLY like popcorn. Freakish, dont you think?

My housemate is going to be famous. Maybe i can become part of her entourage. Wicked.

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