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Nicholas Coppola

i just read the craziest thing.

Nicholas Cage is auctioning off his ENTIRE comic collection at the Dallas Comic Con this October. It’s estimated to be worth well over US$2 Million! un-fucking-believeable. He’s rumored to have a copy of action comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, which alone is worth US$200,000. i mean, you could buy a fucking house for that. He has not one, but two copies of Marvel Comics #1, from 1939 which are the origins of Namor and the (original) Human Torch. May not sound like much, but considering there’s only 50 known copies of this book left in the world, it’s not funcking bad. then there’s other stuff like a “virtually complete” run of Adventure Comics, which would mean over 500 issues. ALL 92 issues of Marvel Mystery Comics and seeing at the first issue was published in the 1940s. that’s pretty impressive.

the only question remaining now is. Why? i mean, he must have a SERIOUS crack habit to want to sell ALL this stuff. jeez. he could at least send some to me for doing him a favour and actually watching The Family Guy.

i wish i was a rich man.

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