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Too right, you are my boy

Like Mike I have been as sick as a dog. I’m sure you don’t want to know, but I have a bladder infection. Did you know that men (especially men of my age) are like 1000 times less likely to get a bladder infection compared to women. Because of those statistics I’m sure only the girls can back me up on this. Bladder infections are fucking painful! If you want to wish something bad upon somebody, wish a balder infection!

Apart from that I have been stressed out which has caused a number of horrid things. I can’t wait until I am better. I’ve been sick for over 3 weeks now.

Well we have 6 working days left, and the current project I am working on at work will be out the door. Whooofuckinghoo! I am so over it now.

OK, right now I am sure I am not going to live this one down, but who gives a fuck. Actually before I go into it I will let you in on my new philosophy in life, it goes a little something like this. “I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about me!” I am so sick of people judging me by what I wear, what I say, and who I hang out with. Times up, it’s my world now.

So anyway, something I am sure I will not live down. I think it will make it easier if I just blurt it out… I made out with a guy last Friday night. It was a bet, and I also did it in front of my x-girlfriend to piss her off (Pretty mean, but damn did it work well!). For all those who think I am a donut puncher, that’s cool because I know I’m not. The thing that gets me is girls do it all the time, why should it be any different for guys? And yes I was drunk and on a number of other substances. But as I said before I don’t give a fuck what your opinion of me is. :)

Edo I am going to change me picture soon. I’ll send it to you soon.

Excuse my lack of written structure, my brain is on my bed side table.

Edit:  This blog was written by Tim Boyd

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