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I’m on a boat!

This Saturday I scored myself a spot on an island hop tour around the Caribbean and seeing as I had never been to any other islands around here, I jumped at the chance.

After some bloody marys to ease the night before we got underway at 10am and were soon at full plane to the British Virgin Islands. First was a stop at an uninhabited island just off St. John where we snorkeled. It had a nice drop off and saw some small sharks, a few hawksbill turtles and barracuda.



Then over to Jost van Dyke where there was a bar called the Soggy Dollar. Named because there is no dock, you have to jump off and swim in to enjoy a fruity libation in hammocks across the beach. There were a ton of boats in and I was pleased to discover that you can convince almost any woman to flash her boobs at you for a shot of jager. Excellent.
(email me for the pictures! ;))

After some swimming and more drinking we headed over to Tortola to a bar called “Foxys” where we had some delicious ribs and more liquid courage.

Last up was St John where I had been a number of times, and we headed to everyone’s favorite watering hole, “Woody’s.” I was thrilled to discover the had Strongbow on tap and promptly drank 6 pints. Mixed with the smorgasbord of liquor I had consumed earlier I was, as they say, off my tits. Needless to say the last boat ride back was hillarious and this was reenacted at least 8 times:

I got my flippy floppys!

Sure enough, work the next day was f**ing painful but well worth it.

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.


  1. Hey Sam – email me the pics:

    Soggy Dollar – sounds classy…:)

  2. Sam – Pat’s getting married so he needs all the free pictures of titties he can get. 🙂

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