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Risen From The Dead

Work is to blame for the lack of updates, sorry I shall put work on hold next time. I’m sure they won’t mind. Plus Sophy is back and I have spend pretty much all my spare time with her.

Life is fucking brilliant at the moment. I am house sitting for three weeks this Wednesday, cool a house all to myself and Soph. 🙂 It’s absolutely HUGE and it has this lovely vibe. We have decided upon locking ourselves up for 3-5 days, no t.v, no phone, no other people. It will be funny emerging from our retreat and finding out America has burnt to the ground, or Edo and Pat have become engaged, such and such, such and such.

Work has been busy, but good. We release on the 9th of August. Whooooo

I drank excess amounts of gin on Saturday night. What a fucking riot! I’ve never been a gin drinker, but god damn you get silly on that stuff. I began a discussion about how its harder to be a guy than girl, when it comes to sex. Although I had some very good and valid points I was just too drunk to argue them properly. I won a few points, but I was pretty much grilled. :o)

I have a cool pair of pink sunglasses. Aviator style, wicked sexy!

Anybody read Black Oxen by Elizabeth Knox?

Posted by Tim @ 11:25 AM AST [Link]

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I dont want to marry edo. Not a dirty chinese person and based on the fact that hes male.

Posted by Pat @ 07/29/2002 04:57 PM AST

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