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Harvest 2012

I went to Harvest Festival on Sunday with Jen and Rich.  Harvest is only a couple of years old but I think it has found a pretty good niche for itself amongst the crowded festival circuit.  It’s positioned as the festival for people that don’t like the stereotypical bogan festival goer.  There are no shirtless, roided up dudes wearing Australian ...

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Big Ass Storm Hits Brisbane

We had an absolutely massive storm in Brisbane today.  A gigantic, Biblical-scale, thunder bolts and lightning, rain falling upwards and sideways type storm. It’s absolutely terrible timing.  Tomorrow is Harvest Festival.  Nothing like going to an all-day outdoor festival in torrential weather.  The funny thing is that this is Jen’s second ever festival and the last time we went…same thing.

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On the first day of ramadan…


Today is the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – it is a day that has more meaning for me this year, as it is the first year in over a decade that I will be spending it living in a Muslim country. This year, the 30 day period however – somewhat cruelly – falls on the ...

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The Best and Worst of 2010

Looking back on 2010, here’s an assortment of topics off the top of my head that stood out as being worthy highlights or forgettable lowlights for the year. The Best of the Year The iPad I picked up an iPad at launch when it came out in May this year and am still absolutely in love with it.  It’s simple ...

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Weird Brisbane weather is weird

So there was a big ‘dust storm’ that settled over Brisbane today, engulfing the city in an orangey-red hue for most of the day.  It was pretty sweet.  I have no idea what would cause this phenomena but it made everything look cooler and apocalyptic. I also have a far more favourable view of this weather than some of my ...

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Weekend of Twitter

So I signed up to Twitter this weekend.  I’m still getting my head around how it all works.  I’ll get a hang of it over time I guess.  The spam protection thing where you have to type in the word on the screen was racier than I expected. So anyway, I’m at  Please follow my Twitter if you need ...

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New girlfriend Cindy has a great body


The last week was pretty average for work and drinking sessions, did end up going to the oldest pub in England for a solid pint of bitter stout beer. I have come to conclusion that England has the best beer in the world. So much choice and soooo good, you know when you just want a pint after work or ...

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After a week of full time work at the credit union, i can look forward to a long weekend due to BC day. Which i swear is just some day the province made up to have another long weekend in the summer. Its like 40 degrees everyday right now, in Canada. What the fuck is with that, its hotter than ...

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Dirty Chinese Man will beat you up!


It’s been a bad day.  I got very average exam results, it rained all day, and apparently I owe Annie six beers! Rod told me to beat up anyone that even ‘looks at Annie sideways’.  So watch out! We’ve got more photos developed from recent parties and all I can say is: Mike is busted! Look at that dirty look ...

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